Your complete guide to the weekly Cape Property inserts in the Weekend Argus.

Welcome to the website of the Cape Property Guides.

Cape Property are weekly property guides for the Western Cape area in South Africa.

How to advertise in our property guides:

Step One
Download the necessary forms by clicking on the appropriate publication link situated on the left of this page. Please note that the “Weekend Ad Info” link will provide the documents for Cape Property Newspapers . You will also see links for the Bolander Property Guide.

Step Two
Send us the information. Fax the forms to 086 685 3212. Remember to also fax us your proof of payment.

Step Three
Once we have received your information, we will compile your advertisements to newspaper format.
You can then look forward to lots of enquiries about your properties!

Thank you for your support.

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Cape Property Guides has launched an on-line booking system for A-Z advertisements.

The new system allows advertisers to create their A-Z ads using a variety of templates and to book them directly with CPG at the touch of a button.

Only advertisements booked on line with appear in the A-Z weekend supplement and in the A-Z sections of Property Times.

The new system is easy to use and offers the following benefits:

• Error-free advertisements – advertisers create their own ads and proof them before publication
• Pre-set templates ensure clean design and user-friendly advertisements
• A paper-free booking system – no need to fax advertisements and e-mail photographs

The following points should be noted:

• Advertisers need a unique password in order to access the system – our admin staff can allocate passwords to companies who wish to use the system. Just call us at 021 488 4149
• Only A-Z advertisements booked on the system will appear in our supplements – we no longer accept complete A-Z ads or faxed/e-mailed A-Z advertisements.
• A-Z Deadlines are unchanged – details can be found in the relevant sections of this website
• Don’t forget to book your A-Z advertisements in the correct edition to ensure placement in the correct publication
• The system is used for A-Z advertisements only.

Should you require more information about our new on-line A-Z booking system, please call us at 021 4149/4777